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How to Choose the Best Phone Deals Around You?

Today mobile phones are more than just a calling device – instant connect with your friends, make videos, take pictures, surf the internet and there’s a lot more to do. So, it becomes all the more important to compare mobile phone deals and find the right fit for you. So, let us get set go by comparing the best phone deals around you and pick the one that ticks all your boxes.

So, choosing the best among cheap mobile phones and then the deals, there’s a lot to consider. Should you go after Apple’s latest iPhone or is android the best fit for you or it could be that your current handset is working fine and you are happy with its performance, a SIM only deal would work fine for you?

Which handset will work the best for you?

When it comes to choosing from cheap mobile phone deals, there is no one fit for all deal and what happens most of the time is people end up paying more than what they need to. Before you think to compare phone deals or choose pay-as-you-go deal, it is important to consider certain facts:

i) What is the usage of your phone?
ii) Are you more on texting?
iii) Do you use your phone mainly for calling?
iv) Or do you surf the internet the most?

So, it is always better to look into every aspect when you compare best mobile phone deals so that you never pay more than what you use. However, depending on the available mobile phone contracts, the price tag would vary obviously. If you are unable to go for all cash at one time, you can make the cheap mobile phone yours by paying an upfront cost and then choosing among the best mobile phone contracts. So, the comparison would help you get the best deal rather than being sold a deal that you don’t need.

Which is the best mobile tariff for you?

If you are confused between pay-as-you-go or compare mobile phone deals, here are some points to consider.
Pay-as-you-go option work best for users who have minimal phone usage while if you are the one for whom mobile phone means texting, surfing and calling tariff option is going to be the best phone deal for you.
Remember that once you have committed to mobile phone contracts, you are tied up for a period that can go up to 2 years depending upon the service provider. So, be ready to research a lot or you could be repenting later on.

Which is better - Contract or Pay-as-you-go

With the new inventions in technology, the need to switch providers in lieu of better and cheap offers is obvious. The first task is to ask your service provider for a porting code and then pass on it to your new service provider. Your old number will be ported to your chosen mobile phone contract deal, and thus you are saved from the hassle of another mobile tariff. However, the cons associated with mobile phone contracts is, you are tied up to pay monthly for a specified amount of time. You cannot switch to a new operator until your contract with the previous operator expires. However, one should check for the option of changing plans within the same operator.

On the other hand, pay-as-you-go-option gives you the flexibility to switch mobile operator as and when you want. The only thing that you need to remember with this option is regular top up of your plan to keep the services continued while with mobile phone contract option, you get your chosen tariff plan refreshed monthly.

Other points to consider while choosing contract

i) Minutes: Look for the number of free minutes you get when you are calling in a closed user group or in the same network, what are the perks of going for a corporate connection etc.

ii) Texts: Alike minutes, most of the service providers offer free texts monthly on cheap phone deals. Check for same and also look for flexible messaging options that come with add-on goodies.

iii) Data: How much web surfing you indulge in monthly? It includes content like music, video, web browsing, cloud services, checking regular emails, or working on documents etc. If you find the usage more, go for mobile phone contracts that come with considerable amount of data included.

iv) Length of the contract: If you keep changing mobile handsets regularly, choosing a shorter contract length would be the best option. With a shorter contract period, the associated monthly costs are less. However, with longer contracts, the service providers many a times offer cheap mobile phone deals, which include less upfront cost, lower monthly tariff or even the handset is offered for free.

v) Network Coverage: Not all service providers can offer the best mobile coverage in all areas including the rural ones. It is therefore, very important to check the preferred service provider coverage in your area before going for any mobile phone contracts.

Before you consider switching, ask yourself the question – Do you really want a new handset

The biggest factor affecting cheap phone deals is the cost of the handset. When you are opting for mobile phone contract deal, you will have to pay for the cost of the device. If however, you already have a nice handset with you and as we discussed earlier if it is performing well, a SIM only deal will be the right fit for you. You will get the best mobile phone deal which will come at the cost of a SIM plus your chosen plan minus the cost of the handset.

So, what is your pick – a mobile phone contract deal, pay as go option or will you go for a SIM only cheap mobile phone deal? Consider all the above factors and make an informed decision so that you keep enjoying the best services at the best price all the time.