It’s official: Samsung Galaxy S8 launching on 29th March in New York

Samsung launched its Tab S3 tablet and while unveiling it has announced the date of Galaxy S8 – yes, it’s 29th March in New York. It was not there at Mobile World Congress probably because Samsung this time around did not want to take any chance after the Note 7 fire fiasco.

Samsung had already announced that Samsung Galaxy S8 would undergo rigorous battery testing process to ensure that everything is right. Experts believe that Samsung by announcing the date has tried to steal the limelight from LG which is going to announce the G6.

S8 is rumoured to have the sane slender bezels as the LG’s G6 and the other similarities are going to be: waterproof design, wireless adaptive charging, dual camera set up and high screen to body ratio.

So, the other rumour we are waiting to get official confirmation is that the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 will go on sales from April 21st.