Glass Design and Steel Frame for iPhone, Rumours say

Apple celebrating its 10th anniversary this year is all set to launch iPhone 8. Rumour mills are all speculating about the possible design, battery, and performance aspects and here is what we got to hear.

Apple iPhone 8 will have an all glass design with a stainless steel frame; some are calling it a glass sandwich design. Rumours also suggest that the metal frame will be cased between front and rear glass. Stainless steel to be used in iPhone 8 will be the same as used in iPhone 4 chasis.

Moving on to stainless steel from Aluminium unibody is seen as Appleā€™s move to ease on the quality control mechanism. It will save them money besides enhancing the durability of the device. Rumours also say that Apple will move on from LCD displays to AMOLED display as used by other leading mobile manufacturers.

Apple definitely will leave no stone unturned to launch Apple iPhone 8 with all those features it missed out in iPhone 7 32GB and 7 Plus. Rumours would continue to pour in from all sides and we will continue to update you as and when some news about iPhone 8 pops out. Until date, nothing is official.