Release Date, Price, Specs and all hype about iPhone7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Will Apple launch iPhone 7 this September or the avid apple users would have to wait for another year? What will be the kind of features it have? What will be the specs, the price; there is much hype building around the same? Similar is the story with Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Let’s talk about Apple iPhone 7

It has been Apple strategy to launch its smartphone around September so that it could see the year end on a high note. And there is nothing wrong in that as well. Let us run down through all the speculations. Some say that Apple will not call its new device iPhone 7, but iPhone 6SE. This rumour comes from a Chinese supplier who claims to have seen the finished packaging with the new name.

Well, the pricing as obvious isn’t going to be easy on the pockets. If rumour mills are to be believed Apple this time will ditch its small 16 GB storage for 32 GB base model. It will be a welcome move if implemented. The other options of 64 GB and 128 GB would be there as well. As far as design is concerned, the new iPhone 7 will have a large camera lens and there will be no 3.5 mm headphone port. There will be a USB Type C connection at the bottom though. In terms of size and design, the new smartphone is believed to look like the existing iPhone 6s.

One of the biggest rumours doing the rounds is, Apple would give the iconic home button a miss in the new smartphone. Furthermore, there won’t be any antenna lines as the antenna would move to the corners of the phone. How would the iPhone 7 contract deals be designed is again to be looked for?

Now, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has confirmed that its new phone is going to be launched on August 2, but have not cleared further air on the looks and the design. For the price point, experts are hinting that Samsung would keep the £600 and £650. It is believed to be launched in SIM free option and would be available direct from Samsung and even online. Galaxy Note 7 contract deals from the UK mobile operators like Vodafone, three, O2, Virgin etc. would be interesting to see.

Well, talking of the rumored specs, the new phone is going to quite curvy and there will a USB –C port and headphone port. It will come with a stylus that could be used underwater (Wow!). it will be waterproof for a good 30 minutes and also dustproof. The colors in which the Galaxy Note 7 is believed to be launched is black onyx, blue coral and silver titanium.

The design will be very similar to the previous Note and other galaxy flagship phones. As per the leaks, the new smartphone will feature a 5.7 inch screen and there could be two processors either it could feature the Exynos 8890 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 823.

Well, what would the original smartphone be like is still to be seen. We all can only wait for the launch with keeping an eye on the speculations.