Reports of Galaxy Note 7 Catching Fire – Samsung Planning a Global Recall

Samsung can make an announcement for a global recall of its brand new Galaxy Note 7 after internal investigation reveals faults in the battery. Samsung officials, however are not commenting on the incidents, but have given a confirmation that an inspection with the partners is right away.

The company statement read,” We will share our findings soon. Samsung is fully committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers.” A press conference that is shortly to be held will further clear the company’s stand.

Samsung had launched the smartphone in some markets during mid August. After reports of the smartphone getting exploded during charging came out, Samsung as a precautionary measure stopped all the shipments and is conducting stringent quality control testing.

The news saw Samsung’s stocks plunging by about $7 after riding high with the launch of the smartphone. Customers have uploaded videos and images on various online platforms of their phone that caught fire while charging. The news is certainly disheartening for those who had bought the phone or had pre-ordered for the same. The good part is that no one is reported to be injured.

Rumours are rife that currently Samsung is in talks with its partners about how to handle the recall process. The news is definitely a blow for Samsung that had been riding high after launching its best smartphone. The phone had attracted a lot of attention for its amazing features and specs. Even the mobile operators had launched great Galaxy Note 7 blue deals and were looking for an awesome response. Well, a press conference is scheduled to be held soon where Samsung will reveal its strategy and how the recall process is going to work. is keeping a close watch on the entire news and will keep you posted about any new updates as and when they come. We hope that the matter is sorted soon and the sales are resumed so that customers can enjoy the smartphone along with the best Galaxy Note 7 deals.