Samsung Galaxy S8 might be unveiled later this month

The Samsung Galaxy S8, the much awaited phone of the year besides iPhone 8 or should we call iPhone X will make its debut at Barcelona later this month. This won’t be an official release as Samsung has already announced that S8 would not be released at MWC 2017. Rumour mills however suggest that Samsung would release a minute long teaser video.

Korea Herald claims that Samsung is planning to tease the world with the smartphone’s first look before launching it formally in March. There are well other Samsung devices in the fray to be launched like the Samsung Tablet and a host of other wearable. As per number of reports and leaks, 29 th march is the D-day when Samsung would launch its flagship phone – S8. Samsung has denied all these news but still has maintained silence on the renewed plans for the phone’s launch.

S8 has been tipped to carry a radical redesign and would include stunning high-end specs. As per new leaks, the makers will ditch the physical home button to accommodate the 5.7-inch display into a handset with the footprint of the existing Samsung Galaxy S7. It can well have 8GB RAM, 8 MP front facing camera and the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Well, what would be in and what would not, we keep our fingers crossed. However, we will keep our eyes on all the latest hype building around the very much awaited Samsug Galaxy S8.